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Indian Wind Atlas published

The Centre for Wind Energy Technology in Chennai and Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy have produced the Indian Wind Atlas in 2010.

New Finnish Wind Atlas published

A new Finnish Wind Atlas was published by the Finnish Meteorological Institute in 2009. See Finnish Wind Atlas for more information.

Wind Atlas for Egypt published

The New and Renewable Energy Authority, Egyptian Meteorological Authority and Risø National Laboratory have now published a Wind Atlas for Egypt. The Wind Atlas for Egypt is one of the first – and certainly one of the most comprehensive – numerical wind atlases ever established.

The wind resource over an area of more than one million square kilometres – much of which consists of mountains and remote desert tracts – has been determined by two independent methods: a traditional wind atlas based on observations from more than 30 stations all over Egypt, and a numerical wind atlas based on long-term reanalysis data and a mesoscale model.

European Wind Atlas stations

Many visitors have asked for a map or a list of the met. stations in the European Wind Atlas. Now, there is a list of the 200+ met. stations used for the atlas in the Europe section. You may also download Google Earth Places files for each European country to see the sites in Google Earth.

Wind information links for 50+ countries

The World section of has been updated and now contains references and links to wind information for more than 50 countries and territories around the world. Wind atlases based on the wind atlas methodology are listed in the Atlases section, other national and regional wind data bases and wind investigations are listed in the Other section.

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